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Opsan Angira, CNC Training Centre
Tauru Road, Near Hanuman Mandir, Near Lakshmi Service Station, Pachgaon, Manisar, Gurgaon, Haryana.

About Opsan Angira

Opsan Angira was established in February 2006 at Gurgaon, Haryana. In the April 2006 it was formally registered under the societies registration act XXI of 1860. The Institute came into existence due to non-existence of Affordable CNC Education in India. The Institute is managed by CNC experts.

Opsan Angira is the pioneer in providing CNC Training at subsidised rates or free of cost to deserving students from the rural & semi-urban areas. Till date, about thousands of students have been trained on various CNC courses that have found placement in top-most companies or have started their own businesses.

Aims & Objectives

1. To manage, establish, run, acquire in India and/or abroad, colleges, schools, Institutions, laboratories, libraries, training centres, examination and testing centers, coaching centers, online/distance education programs, to impart economic, financial, professional, managerial, administrative, technical, scientific, engineering, medical, computer education, software development or any other type of education to the students in urban, rural and backward areas and/ or to provide financial assistance and other facilities to such institutions and training centres.
2. To subscribe or give donations, financially or otherwise , to such other societies, agencies, associations or institutions who are working in the area of education or involved in the activities which tend to support or aid / advance the aims and objects of the society.
3. To develop a good teaching faculty and invite experts in the field of CNC Education.
4. To establish educational scholarships for students excelling in their respective classes or fields.
5. To conduct educational base camps, tours, conferences, discussions, competitions amongst the students for raising their skills.
6. To Conduct and promote the literacy educational programs amongst the young age people especially people living in the rural and semi-urban areas.

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